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As I have loved you....

"People often lack interest in knowing Jesus Christ. They question why they should invest time in understanding a historical figure who was executed by the Roman Empire. It's an undeniable fact that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on a cross as a condemned criminal. However, the issue lies in the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was not merely an ordinary human like you and me. He is both fully God and fully human. This might sound perplexing – how can someone be both God and human simultaneously?

This is where many find Christianity's doctrines puzzling. Consequently, only a few people exhibit a genuine interest in learning about Jesus. Yes, indeed, very few. But what if He is genuinely the Son of God, as believed by countless individuals throughout history, not as a product of human invention but as a profound truth about our existence, the universe, and the Almighty God? In that case, understanding why God became a human being becomes crucial.

Exploring the life of Jesus Christ can lead us to discover profound truths about life itself. Do you desire to uncover the truths of life? What are these truths, anyway? They encompass your birth, your death, and your current existential situation. These are undeniable realities of your life. But are there other truths of life that remain concealed while we live on this earth? Scripture suggests that there is a sobering truth awaiting us after death.

Few sources provide insights into this impending truth. The Bible stands alone in teaching about this truth and offering a way to avoid its horrors. This is why Jesus declared, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.' If you wish to delve deeper into these matters, you may benefit from a Bible study guided by someone who possesses faith in Jesus."

one on one Bible Study

Man does not live on Bread alone, but by by everyword that comes from the mouth of God

Group of Happy College Students Jumping
Giving a hand to people in hardships

We have to show God's love toward people in misery and hard situations. Love fulfills  all the precepts of God. 

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College Ministry

CMI campus ministry is dedicated to young college and university students through one-on-one Bible study.

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Pastoral Support
call at 916-955-3657
Pastor Peter worked as an Engineer in Silicon Valley and can provide career advises not mentioning of mental and spiritual support  with the mind of Jesus.
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