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As I have loved you....

 People is  not interested in knowing Jesus Christ. Why we should spend time to know  a historical man who was killed by the Imperial Romans. This historical man, Jesus of Nazareth, was crucified on the cross as condemned criminal. It is a historical fact.  But the problem is that Jesus of Nazareth was not a just human being like you and me. Jesus Christ is a God and Man. What?  What are you talking about? When a person is mentioned, it must be he or she, either a man or woman. How a human person  can be a God and at the same time a man??

In that regards Christianity is full of non-sense doctrines. So very few people shows an interest to know Jesus. 

Yes, indeed very few people. But you know what?  What if He is really the Son of God as believed by so many people down through the history, not as a man-made religion, but as a truth of our life, a truth of the Universe and The Truth of God Almighty? Then you must really know why God became a human being. 

A knowledge of Jesus Christ will open up a way to the truth of life. Do you want to know the truth of your life?  What is the truths of Life anyhow? 

Yes, your birth, and your death, and your existential situation right now. These are all truths of your life. Are there other truths of life that you don't know while living on earth?  The Scripture teaches that there is one horrible truth after the death. 

No one teaches you that horrible truth that will come to pass to you. Only Bible teaches it and Only Bible shows a way to avoid that horror, that is why Jesus said " I am the way and life and truth. You need a bible study with some who has a faith in Jesus. 

one on one Bible Study

Man does not live on Bread alone, but by by everyword that comes from the mouth of God

Group of Happy College Students Jumping
Giving a hand to people in hardships

We have to show God's love toward people in misery and hard situations. Love fulfills  all the precepts of God. 

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College Ministry

CMI campus ministry is dedicated to young college and university students through one-on-one Bible study.

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Pastoral Support
call at 916-955-3657
Pastor Peter worked as an Engineer in Silicon Valley and can provide career advises not mentioning of mental and spiritual support  with the mind of Jesus.
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